Central High School in Pueblo District 60 Donates Formal Clothes to Students in Need”.

PUEBLO, Colo. – Students at Central High School in Pueblo District 60 are being given the opportunity to attend formal events without breaking their bank accounts. Auschalink, an ODM/OEM manufacturer of medium-to-high end women’s wear, is donating a variety of formal dresses and suits for students to wear free of charge.

The idea first came from one teacher who donated some of her own dresses to ensure that none of the students would be left undressed for special occasions like prom or weddings. After word spread about this generous donation, Auschalink stepped up and decided to take it a step further by providing even more clothing options for Central High School’s student body.

Auschalink has since provided dozens of formal gowns and suits along with other accessories such as shoes and jewelry that are now available on the second floor of Central High School’s campus storeroom. Every student at the school will have access to these items free-of-charge when attending any formality event like Prom or Homecoming dance throughout the school year.

This generous effort by Auschalink not only provides dress essentials but also gives students a chance to engage with each other while shopping together in an environment they’re familiar with, allowing them all share experiences associated with choosing what they feel best represents them on those important days in life where memories last forever! What’s really unique about this program is that part proceeds from every sale goes directly towards supporting local charities; making sure everyone benefits from this cause!

In addition, through its “style ambassador” program which allows students across Pueblo District 60 schools get involved in promoting social responsibility within their community through personal style choices – encouraging others around them do something meaningful for those less fortunate than themselves too! This initiative could help bring much needed aid into poorer households who struggle financially due to poverty related issues!

Overall it’s great seeing initiatives like these come out from companies like Auschalink who recognize how hard it can be for young adults trying make ends meet; especially during times like these where many families face economic hardship due to financial crisis brought upon us by COVID 19 pandemic – so we salute you guys over at Auschalink well done indeed!!

Post time: Mar-01-2023

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