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well-tailored outfit conveys that you’re conscientious and pay close attention to detail. When demanding respect and to be heard, leave the boyfriend-fit. To help you feel more confident and empowered, a right fit can also bestow a boyish figure with curves, or tuck away anything you want to keep to yourself.


NATURAL     ———




Choose from our 5000+ premium natural fabrics that keep you warm during the winter and cool in the warmer months. A wide range of options means there’s always something for you.





Compromise no more. From lapel style, sleeves length, number of buttons, to your lining fabric color, your personality shows through the details. At Auschalink, everything is 100% unique just like you. Your order is handmade specifically to your measurements and style selections.







The exquisite craftsmanship you’d expect from a traditional tailor shop as we share the same source of suppliers.


Each season, the woman blazer gains more and more importance in our wardrobes. There is no age to wear it and its versatility makes it a masterpiece! The blazer goes with just about every clothing piece. For a very chic look, combine it with a long skirt or trousers, for a more casual look, it goes perfectly with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. You can also dare to mix it with linen shorts for a summer office outfit, or jeans for a night out with friends.

Women's Business Blazers

Blazers are the most popular piece in any business environment. You can match them with shirts, blouses, tops, trousers, skirts and even dresses. In extreme business environments, choose dark blue or gray shades, plain or stripe. Avoid plaid or too bright colors. Wool, wool blends and polyester are excellent choices. Just be sure you select "slim fit".

Casual Blazers for Women

For more relaxed environments such as business casual or casual, you have tons of options for your casual blazer. Starting for the design, you can go slim fit or straight fit, single or double breasted, in linen, tweed, cotton, polyester or any combination. Just look for the opposite of a business jacket: avoid too dull fabric and and options.

Women’s Embroidered Work Blazers

Smart and streamlined, women’s embroidered work blazers lend a professional finishing touch to any wardrobe. Our customized apparel is designed strictly with comfort in mind, which is why we design our blazers to fit and flatter every body type. You will find them in petite, regular, plus, and tall sizes, ensuring everyone on your team has an easy-care jacket to wear with anything from tailored trousers to pencil skirts.

Business blazers for women convey a sense of professionalism and help set your team apart from the crowd. They’re ideal for wearing in the office as part of an overall uniform, either with a pair of pants or a custom business skirt. In practical colors like black, gray, and navy, they fit seamlessly into their existing uniform wardrobe.

These women’s uniform blazers are especially easy to maintain. Many are designed with simple-care fabrics like polyester, rayon, and washable wool. So whether it’s tossed in the washing machine or placed in a garment bag, the blazer will retain its crisp, flawless silhouette each time.

Our customized blazers for women are designed with meticulous attention to detail—some feature wrinkle-resistant fabrics, which are ideal for busy professionals who are constantly on the move. The smooth finish stays that way throughout the workday. Strategically placed darts contribute to a smart fit. Some also have roomy pockets that offer enough space to store the essentials, from smartphones to pens, with ease.

What sets these blazers apart is their flexibility. They’re just as polished and refined as other blazers but are designed for movement. A hint of stretch is essential whether your staff members are always on the go, on their feet, and checking items off their to-do lists. Comfort is paramount in any situation, allowing them to focus on their jobs and remain productive throughout the day.

Women’s Uniform Blazers

We design our women’s custom logo blazers in a wide range of styles. Opt for modern looks without lapels or buttons for crisp, clean, contemporary styles that pair well with everything from sleek pants to wide-leg bottoms. Try a style with multiple buttons for a more traditional look.

No matter your preferred style for your team, we’ll customize the blazer to ensure that it blends seamlessly into your branding and marketing efforts. Our meticulous process ensures faithful recreation of your design, thanks to a selection of more than 300 thread colors.

Their versatility makes them ideal for more than just wearing to the office. Your team will represent your company with authority in any professional setting, whether it’s a conference, a board meeting, a trade show, or a public-facing event. Promoting productivity, your team’s uniforms set a company standard. These blazers are ideal whether they’re worn with skirts or pants, making them an integral part of their wardrobe.

Types of Blazers according to Fabric Women's Linen Blazers

The best option for those summer days. Each season Aushcalink offers a range of pastel, earth tones and basic colors fabrics made of linen and linen-cotton blends. Get some inspiration here: Women's Linen Blazers

Women's Tweed Blazers

The classy-essential one. Each September Auschalink releases the new collection of tweed fabrics, made of wool or wool blends. Green, brown, gray,... we usually have them all. Get some inspiration here: Women's Tweed Blazer

Women's Velvet Blazers

The most popular option all year round for those evening-party occasions. Typical options are blue and black, but burgundy and green are very popular too. A velvet blazer pairs with almost everything.Get some inspiration here: Velvet Blazers.

Our most popular Fabric colors and prints Pink Blazers

In the last 2-3 years, pink blazers have been extremely popular. We started offering a range of linen pink fabrics, continued with wool blends, and now we even have the tweed version. Pink blazers came here to stay! Pink Blazers.

Plaid Blazers

No one can deny that plaid blazers and plaid suits are the trend of the year. At Auschalink you find them in tweed, linen or wool. Don't miss out this trend and get yours, made to your exact measurements: Plaid Blazers

Floral Blazers

Every season we try to look for trendy floral patterns for our blazers. For that special piece you want to own. It's not an everyday garment, but when you match it properly, you get an outfit to impress. Check out our floral blazers in jacqard. And if you love one design,  buy it. Usually we don't buy many fabric meters of those.  Floral Blazers.

Women's White Blazers

Very popular option recently. A white or off-white blazer gives you a unique look. We can do this based on linen or wool. You can wear them on business-casual occasions or even on a special event. White Blazers.

Women's Black Blazers

The top seller. Every woman should own a black blazer. Design it however you want it because it will be a very good investment. It pairs with almost any shirt color and with almost any pant, including jeans. Plus, at Auschalink, we offer all kind of ranges of black fabrics. Check here our collection of Black Blazers.

Blazers for Men

In case you are looking to exactly match your partner blazer, you can just design the same way as at Auschalink, but just for men. We share a lot of fabrics, but we don't share tailors. They may look similar, but at Auschalink we give great value to experience tailoring for men and for women. Discover it here: Men Blazers.

Smart Casual Dress Code

Does your workplace have a smart casual dress code? Are you in need of some inspiration on how to combine your blazer for the style? Or perhaps you'd like to know more? Our blog post about the smart casual dress code will guide you in creating the smartest and most stylish outfits.


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