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Auschalink Introduction

Best Quality Casual Dresses Supplier and ODM/OEM Manufacturer

Since the established of Auschalink, with the tenet of providing one-stop "Fashion Clothing" for women all over the world, we strive to become the No.1 in this industry in China. In the past years to serve different customer groups, and won unanimous praise for our comfortable, novel and fashionable ideas. Also in which the accumulation, precipitation, innovation, to create our own unique fashion taste in the industry. In August 2015, Auschalink won the title of Asia's most influential women's dress brand in China.

About OEM/ODM service, relying on our high-quality service and products, we have retained a number of loyal customers, and established long-term cooperative relations to provide customized services for our different customers. We are specializes in High-end women's clothing, as well as professional LOGO printing. With our experienced R & D team, we will try our best to turn each customer's requirements from draft design into reality. Welcome to inform us about your custom idea, Australian will give you a satisfactory service.

Our over 15 years professional team has served more than 2000 customers including: production manager, QC inspector, Packing and inspection superviser, production supervisor, cutting table supervisor and other professional team members and so on.

Professional QC inspector manufacturers

Auschalink Professional QC inspector manufacturers,Offer OEM/ODM Service

My name is Du Qunyu,and I have been a QC in Auschalink for 12 years.My main job is to check the consistency of sample, pre-production sample, and production sheet.If there is any question, I will report it to solve it in time.Confirm the main mark, code mark, washing mark, see if the clothes meet the shipping standard.From check stop, line, symmetry, smoothness, color difference, size table, etc., and affix the job number if the clothes meet the standard.Ensure the quality inspection report is accurate and on time. In the final stage of production, the rework rate is less than 3%.The meaning of my work is to adhere to the spirit of Auschalink, to prevent our customer from receiving clothes with quality problems.

Professional QC supervisor manufacturers

Auschalink Professional QC supervisor manufacturers,Free Design

My name is Se Yunfang, and I have been in charge of quality control department in Auschalink for 4 years.My main job is to assist in the pre-production meeting, ensure the correct sample to relevant teams for production, reasonably arrange each process and ensure the smooth flow of each process.Reduce rework and delivery delays.Supervise and manage the production and quality of each team to be 100% in place.Clear and accurate department reports and data.Before packaging, the finished products are checked according to AQC2.5 standard.My work is essential, acting like a bridge between customers and the whole factory, and maximizes the efficiency in production through the correct pattern.My goal is to correctly communicate and convey customer sample opinions, and to communicate well with the business department, aiming to the accurate quality control of Auschalink clothing.We serve our customer with patience, concentration, sincerity, careful work, adhere to high-end quality for 15 years.

Professional Production Manager manufacturers

Auschalink Professional Production Manager manufacturers,4 Facilities and Offer One Stop Service

My name is Yang Yueming, and I have been the manager of the production department in Auschalink for 15 years.My main job is to arrange and coordinate the work of the production department, hold production meetings before production, and arrange thorough and feasible work plans according to the actual situation.Specifically, I am responsible for the overall management of order production, production scheduling, distribution and progress, assigned work tasks to each workshop group, followed up the material allocation of the purchasing department and the production progress of each workshop to ensure timely delivery and coordinated handling of abnormalities. Quotation cost, production cost control, process flow, SOP formulation.Evaluate and improve the production efficiency, balance the actual situation of each department according to the production efficiency data, implement streamlined production, analyze and improve the operating factors. Find, solve, prevent and optimize the process problems in the production process, analyze and optimize, improve the product quality, to ensure the quality standards. The meaning of my work is to improve efficiency and save costs for the company, and more importantly, to better connect customer orders smoothly.I pay attention to technology, quality and quantity, and endue soul to each garment. My goal is to provide our customers with a high efficiency production line.

Packing and inspection superviser:

My name is Wu Shengliang.I have been in charge of the packing and inspection department in Auschalink for 10 years.My main job is to reasonably allocate the whole department job content, ensure the quality and delivery time of each process, and improve the efficiency and performance of the department.First of all, before production, I will check the production process requirements, size, color combined with pre-production sample, after the confirmation of production department.....

Professional Production Supervisor manufacturers

Auschalink Professional Production Supervisor manufacturers,Free Design

My name is Liu Yunzhong. I have been working as the production supervisor in Auschalink for 7 years.My main job is to reasonably allocate the work of the whole workshop, ensure the quality and delivery time of the workshop, and improve the efficiency and performance of the workshop.Completes the required output on time according to the company's production plan, determines the reasonable unit price to the factory manager for approval according to thelevel of complexes in workmanship, patrols and checks the progress and quality of each process, and the rework rate is reduced to less than 5% or even to zero.My work is of great significance, in the very production front line, take the production of fine garments as the first priority, adhere to high quality output.My goal is to provide customers with high-quality garments, and to infuse the professional dedication of Auschalink into every sewing thread.

Cutting table supervisor:

My name is Wei Yingwei, and I have been in charge of cutting table department in Auschalink for 10 years.My main job is to rationally allocate the work in cutting table department, ensure the quality and delivery time of cutting pieces, and improve the efficiency and performance of cutting table department.Organize the fabric according to the requirement of proportion and style, plan the marker, make sure the marker is 100% accurate. Secondly..

About Auschalink Work

Auschalink High Quality 3D ironing and pressing Wholesale - Auschalink Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. Hundreds Existing Styles Help Save Lead Time and Cost.

All kinds of clothing brand, it contains some clothing material, specifications, washing instructions and company name, address, brand LOGO and other information.

Sewing is a very important process in the process of clothing production, different clothing requirements also need different sewing type to meet. To sum up, the basic car seam type can be roughly divided into: flat seam, pinch seam, inwrap seam, outsourcing seam, coming and going seam, pressure seam, sitting seam, stuffy seam, edge rolling seam.

The correct way to cut the thread is to lift the double thread end slightly to the left of the surgeon, the assistant opens the scissors slightly, slide the scissors down to the upper edge of the thread knot along the thread end, then tilt the scissors up about 45 degrees, and then cut the thread.

The Angle of the scissors is generally 25° to 45°, but depends on the length of the left thread. The greater the Angle of the scissors and the thread, the longer the left thread


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