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Who Are We?

Auschalink is an ODM/OEM manufacturer specializing in all kinds of medium-to-high end women's wear

Established in 2007,  located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The company covers an area of 4500㎡, adopts advanced intelligent production equipment, has 4 complete production lines and more than 200 employees, and the current production capacity is approximately 500,000 pieces.

What We Did

In 2014, under the authorization of most customers of our company, a professional fabric testing room was established. After efforts and technical improvement of six months, 85% of the tested projects were recognized by brand owners, which has improved the work efficiency of both sides, helped customers to seize the market in the field of fast fashion, and reduced the operation cost.

Auschalink has been committed to the pursuit of quality and efficiency


R&D Team

 Fabric Evaluation And Inspection: When fabric sample arrive our factory, we will directly send it to our test lab to analysis and testing, make sure this is the best fabric. this is a good preparation before order bulk fabric.

● Pattern Design: Many times customer only need told their concept, then our RD team can design your prefer pattern, repeated adjust pattern size, colorway, make CAD artwork for you choice, make small sample  for your review, all of this ony need 5-7 days.

Fabric Sourcing: In most case, we can know the fabric spec follow customer provided  photos.our team will analysis detail of afbrics with you, include suitable season, colorway, quality of fabric, and the problems which will occur during order bulk fabric. we will provide you best quality bulk fabrics.

● Advantage Of Fabric Market: R&D Team- advantage of fabric market: we are close to biggest fabric and accessary market in the world. gathering most popular fashion garment fabric and accessary, we will select most new items every month and provide it to our customer.

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Our Corporate Culture

The company has been established in 2007 and is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

It covers an area of 4500m², adopts advanced intelligent production equipment, and owns 4 complete production lines and more than 200 employees. The current production capacity is approximately 500,000 pieces per year.

Ideological System

The core concept "Auschalink manufacturer, beyond yourself".

The corporate mission is "to create wealth together, and to mutually benefit society".

Main Features

Dare to innovate: The primary characteristic is to dare to try, dare to think and do it.

Integrity: Integrity is the core feature of Auschalink.

Caring for employees: Every year, we invest hundreds of millions of yuan in employee training, set up employee canteens, and provide employees with three meals a day for free.

Be the best: Wanda has a lofty vision, requires extremely high work standards, and pursues "making all work a quality product".

Why Choose Us

Patents: All patents on our products.

 Experience: Rich experience in OEM and ODM services (including clothes manufacturing, design).

● Certificates: including GRS certification, RCS certification, OCS certification, GOTS certification, SGS certification, BSCI certification, IOS certification, etc.

 Quality Assurance: process inspector responsible 100% inspection on line, final inspector responsible 100% inspection on line, QC will do inspection finished product follow AQL 2.5 standard before packaging. we always pursue quality improve.

● Sample service: free samples, 7 days for samples

● R&D Department: The R&D team includes fashion designers, pattern designers, pattern-makers, etc.

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